Roddenberry was Right

on a july 6, 1912.


This line : Fillion or Reynolds ?
Sounds like Fillion to me :)

Firefly, 102, The Train Job

A quiet night at the O’Briens. Keiko is working at the table with some Padds as Miles enters from Molly’s room.

Miles: Molly loves that book Jake gave her. She made me read it three times before she fell asleep.

Keiko smiles distractedly, keeps working. Miles flops down on the couch, looks around for something to do… but can’t think of anything and lets out an unconscious sigh. Keiko looks up.

Keiko: I’m going to be working for another few hours.

Miles picks a PADD off the coffee table, tries to sound enthusiastic.

Miles: That’s okay… I’ll…read…

Keiko: If you want to go do something…

Miles: I’m fine.

Keiko shrugs a smile, gets back to work. A quiet moment… then Miles lets out another unconscious sigh as he reads.


Remember when B’Elanna got stranded on a planet and had to sit through this guy’s attempts at what was essentially Voyager fanfiction?

She got so invested in it she even helped him write an ending. 

What’s the Nagus doing in my closet?




the entire picard/lwaxana troi relationship summed up in three screencaps